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Corpus Christi Fencing

Corpus Christi Fencing

Affordable, Quality Fencing
Corpus Christi Fencing has been serving residents and business owners in Corpus Christi for over 20 years. Fromperimeter and security fences to stunning ornamental fences, dog enclosures, and gates, we are fencing contractors who specialize in residential and commercial fencing solutions. We offer fences for all budgets from basic chain link fences to upscale estate fencing. We are the premier fencing contractor serving the Texas Gulf Coast, including Corpus Christi.

Fencing Types

We use quality fencing materials and provide expertise in all areas of fence design. Fences come in many forms including:

• Residential fences
• Industrial fences
• Security fences
• Custom fences
• Automatic security gates
• Ornamental fences
• Picket fences
• Corrals
• Dog enclosures
• Vinyl fences
• Chain link fencing
• Swimming pool fences and gates
• Wrought iron fences
• Fabricated steel fencing
• Athletic and playground fencing
• Wood fences
• Staircases, banisters, and handrails
• Temporary fences

No matter what type of fence you need, our fencing experts are ready to serve. We work closely with all customers to determine the most appropriate materials for the fence’s purpose as well as for your budget. In addition, we consider the neighborhood and any local regulations such as CC&R’s that may govern the type of fencing that can be installed.

Emergency Fence Repairs
After a major wind event or hurricane, Corpus Christi fencing throughout the city is often affected. Trees fall on fences; wind blows down fences; floodwaters undermine fences; and debris damages fences. This is but a short list of common fence damage after a storm. If your fence has been damaged, contact us for emergency fence repairs. Our team of fencers will secure your yard or lot and then return when conditions are better to complete permanent repairs.